early bird gets the worm

This year, HackRice is using a first-come, first-served reimbursement policy to award higher reimbursement to the people who apply and commit to HackRice earliest.

  For Hackers driving or riding buses:

Hackers who ride in team cars or take buses or trains to HackRice will receive full reimbursement for their travel costs (up to $100). We cannot reimburse individual drivers, or bus or train tickets that cost more than $100.

  For Hackers flying:

A time-based first-come, first-served system will be used to reimburse Hackers who fly to Hackrice. Initially, reimbursement up to $200 will be provided. As funds are exhausted, reimbursement up to $100 will be provided. It is in your best interest to apply as early as possible if you need higher reimbursement. Tickets must be standard economy or lower. We will not reimburse first or business class flights. We cannot reimburse hackers flying internationally any more than is listed above, and international hackers should contact us at

Here’s how to secure reimbursement to HackRice 8:

  1. Apply to HackRice.
  2. Wait to receive an admission email (this email also specifies how much reimbursement you are eligible to receive).
  3. Upon being admitted, you’ll be sent a form that asks several follow up questions, please fill it out within one week to ensure that you’ll be offered the reimbursement amount stated in your admission email. If your travel requires tickets (bus, plane, or otherwise), please purchase and upload them to the question about tickets (in the same form).
  4. Come to HackRice, upload a project to DevPost, then check in with our reimbursement booth at the event to finalize your reimbursement details and you're good to go!

If you have any questions about our reimbursement policy, please email