Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season

HackRice 9: See ya next year!

view opening slideshowview the slides from the opening ceremony!
September 20–22, 201936 hours of non-stop building
held @ rice memorial centeron our majestic campus in houston

What is HackRice?

HackRice is Rice University's annual hackathon. It brings together over four hundred of the brightest minds in the country to develop & showcase their creative and entrepreneurial talents.

Participants form teams of up to 4 to work on a project — typically software, and sometimes hardware — in an environment designed for collaboration.

Teams showcase projects after 36 hours of hacking. This is an excellent opportunity for students to build a network of creators, receive internship & job offers from world-class sponsors, and learn modern tools & systems.


Friday, 9/20

  • Hacker Check in5:30–6:55 PMCome to the Grand Hall to check into the event.
  • Sponsor Setup5–7:00 PMSponsors will arrive, register & set up their tables.
  • Opening Ceremonies7 PMThe event will formally begin with a bit about rules & guidelines, and a word from sponsors.
  • Dinner & Form Teams7:30 PMEnjoy food from Thai Cottage and meet other hackers to form teams (if you haven't already).
  • Hacking Begins!8 PMStart building your project!.
  • First-Timers Track Workshop9 PMCome to Farnsworth Pavilion to walk through the first workshop for the First-Timers track.
  • Workshop10 PMCome to Farnsworth Pavilion to hear representatives from talk about their challenge and best practices.

Saturday, 9/21

  • Breakfast9 AMBagels from Einstein Bros!
  • GE Healthcare Workshop10 AMCome to Farnsworth Pavilion to hear representatives from GE Healthcare talk about ...
  • Lunch12 PMPotbelly Sandwiches for lunch.
  • Schlumberger Workshop1 PMCome to Farnsworth Pavilion to hear representatives from Schlumberger talk about ...
  • Dinner7:30 PMMore details to come...

Sunday, 9/22

  • Judges Arrive8:30 AMJudges will have arrived, prepared to evaluate hackers & projects.
  • Hacking Ends!9:00 AMSubmissions close on DevPost.
  • Judging Begins9:30 AMJudging commences at the tables in the Grand Hall.
  • Brunch11 AMMore details to come...
  • Presentation Judging11:30 AMThe top 5 projects will present in the RMC.
  • Closing Ceremony1 PMWinners will be announced and prizes awarded
  • Finale!2 PMHope you had a wonderful event, and we look forward to HackRice 10 :)

Tracks & Challenges


From classical statistical methods to real-time constraint optimization, Bayesian neural networks, and reinforcement learning, Schlumberger uses Machine Learning to gain maximum insight from huge volumes of data. Our challenge for you: use Machine Learning to solve a problem of your choice. We will grade you on your idea, your implementation, and the amount of fun you had hacking!

 Chevron’s real-time work order scheduling optimizationchallenge

Background: Chevron has large scale operations and complex process facilities (refineries and liquified natural gas production facilities). Scheduling work orders on these facilities with differing repair requirements, specialized technicians, and potentially hours of drive time between locations can be difficult.

Challenge: Build a work order tracking system that tracks (1) the work orders that are submitted and (2) the technicians that are completing them to optimize how technicians are assigned and work orders are completed. Knowing where technicians are, what they are certified/qualified to repair, how long they are planning to being there, other work orders in the same or nearby location, etc will be invaluable in being able to dynamically schedule and dispatch existing and new work orders to technicians at the beginning of the day and while onsite. Updating each technician with their schedule of work orders can be done through any means of mobile technology, SMS, call, mobile app, etc.

Data set here!


Best Algorithmically Complex App:

We challenge you to put the skills Luay has taught you to good use.

Oculus Gos will be awarded to the team that utilizes a non-trivial algorithm or AI as part of their application to create value for users.

While external libraries and services may be used to aid your app, we will only evaluate the components of the app created by your team.

 Two Sigmachallenge

At Two Sigma, we use machine learning, distributed computing and other technologies to find connections in the world’s data. We work with vast quantities of information from over a thousand diverse sources. We love learning from others, and we want to see what you can do in the data science space. We’ll award a prize for the best use of data analysis, data science, or big data technologies.

 JP Morgan Chasechallenge

Our challenge will be the JPMorgan Chase “Best Hack for Social Good


Each team member will receive one of the mentioned prizes.

1st Place

4K LG Monitors

2nd Place

Oculus Gos

3rd Place

JBL Speakers

First Timers Track

Nintendo Switches

Data Science Track

BOSE Sunglasses

Ethics Track

Expensive Dinner with Luay

Design Track

Polaroid Cameras

Thank you!

Look at's "getting started" guide for their challenge at HackRice 9!

Also, be sure to check out their open roles:


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